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December 30, 2005 - January 1, 2006

Dec. 30th : AKC Lure Coursing Trial in Camden, SC
Dido earned her first leg to her JC title
Bosley ran 4th in Open, 1 point off of the 1-2-3 tie
Zoom, Bosley's sister, placed 5th behind Bosley also earning her JC title
Torin won his Specials Stake for his first LCX points
Sophia finished her JC title!

Dec. 31st : ASFA Lure Coursing in Cartersville, GA
Torin placed 4th in his FCh Stake right behind the 1-2-3 tie for his first LCM points!

Jan. 1st : ASFA Lure Coursing in Cartersville, GA
Rupert placed 2nd in Open for 30 points and a placement towards his ASFA Field Championship!
Joker, Bosley's brother, placed 4th and their father Murphy was NBQ
Their sister Zoom placed NBQ in her Open Stake as well!
We also added two new additions to the SDW family, Jason and GiGi!
You can see Jason and GiGi under Whippets - The Future!

Dido, Bosley & Rupert are owned by Shannon Down
Torin & Sophia are owned by Sue & Mike Fitzgerald
Zoom, Joker & Murphy are owned by Kiesha Crawmer

November 27, 2005

After a long day and a c-section, Scarlet presented us with a beautiful baby girl (white/brindle) that we are now calling "Charlize".  Her registered name will be Shannon Down Sweet November.  Both momma and baby are doing wonderfully.

November 26, 2005

Bosley completes his Oval Race Championship by winning his 3rd NOTRA meet undefeated!  We also picked Hummer up who came in from South America and will be working on his American Championship during his stay here at Shannon Down.

November 19 & 20, 2005

Saturday the 19th : 
Anna wins the Open stake ASFA Lure Coursing and making it her 3rd trial and her 3rd first placement!  She also ran for her first leg of her Junior Courser!
Isaac takes Reserve Winners Dog in Minneapolis, he is doing very well for his new owners, the Johnsons!
Saturday the 20th : Anna takes second in her Open stake and is now up to 57 ASFA Field Championship points!  She also completed her Junior Courser title!  Way to go Anna and Glenda!
Isaac takes Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex for 2 points!  He is now up to 6 points in limited showing, maybe the Johnson's can make him an AKC Dual Champion, he only needs 3 singles for his AKC Field Championship!  Way to go Isaac!

November 14, 2005

Molly (Shannon Down Blaithin) owned by Mike Conner whelped a beautiful litter of 7 sired by our Brooks (CH Shannon Down Blazing Saddles SC, CRX-II, OTRM) Monday morning.  There are 4 girls and 3 boys and all are doing well.  This litter is owned, bred and whelped by Mike Conner.

November 13, 2005

Bosley picks up .667 WRCH points!  Bosley is doing wonderful on both the straight and oval and he has far exceeded what we expected!

November 12, 2005

MiMi (Shannon Down More Than This JC) finished her ASFA Field Championship!  She is Sweet Pea's first ASFA Field Champion and we are very proud of what Marketa and Don have done with little MiMi, she is in a wonderful home and we couldn't ask for more!

October 29-30, 2005

This was a great weekend for the Shannon Down Whippets...
On the show scene...
Rupert finishes his Championship title with a 4 point major! and Best of Opposite over specials under Dr. Sillers!  This is our first Champion finished completely from the bred-by exhibitor class!  He is now...
Champion SDW Lifelong About Face!  "Rupert"
Anna (Shannon Down In Your Eyes) takes Winners Bitch/Best of Winners/Best of Breed in Texas with owner/handler Glenda Konopka for another point!
On the race scene...
Sophia (Shannon Down So!) finishes her CR title in just 3 meets!   She is the first race titled kid in the Pea x Remi litter. Owners Sue and Mike Fitzgerald and Jenifer Cohen should be VERY proud of this little girl.
Bosley (Shannon Down Full Throttle V Kismet JC, CR, OTR) finishes his CRX!  He has done exceptionally well on the race track and finished just out of the points both days.
On the lure coursing scene...
Though these guys don't belong to us, we would like to brag anyways...
Murphy (CuRas A Clockwork Orange JC, SR, CRX-II, ORC) who is the sire of our Bosley and who has spent a great deal of time here at Shannon Down, picked up 2 AKC Field Championship points! 
Joker (Kismet's Full House CR, OTR) who is a Murphy x Daisy kid, littermate to our Bosley, completed his JC!
Zoom (Kismet's Full Speed Ahead) gets half a leg towards her JC and according to Kiesha (breeder/owner) she ran beautifully!
We are proud of all the kids!

October 22-23, 2005

Shannon Down Whippets went racing this weekend, the first day (WRA, straight) Brooks finished his CRX-II! and on the second day (NOTRA, oval) Bosley finished second in the meet and picked up 2 more ORC and NationalORC points!  He only need 3 more ORC points to become and Oval Race Champion!

October 8-9, 2005

It was a very good weekend for the SDW Whippets!
Bosley picked up another 2 ORC points at the NOTRA meet in Denver, NC and is now up to 10 ORC and 7 NORC points!  He is just 5 points off his Oval Race Championship!  Brooks completed his OTRM and we believe that he is only the third show Champion to do so.  Rupert and Lola ran their first WRA meet and help up very well and Rupert finished the day by winning the WRA puppy meet!  
On the coursing note...
Anna (owned by Glenda Konopka) went to her first ASFA trial and pulled off two 1st placements and a Best of Breed totaling her first 34 points towards her ASFA Field Championship.
And Mimi (owned by Marketa Dixon) went to her second ASFA trial and pulled off a 2nd and 3rd placement and is now up to 81 points towards her ASFA Field Championship with all her placements and a Best of Breed win.  We are very proud of all the Shannon Down Whippets that participated in the performance venues this weekend!

October 2, 2005

Lola takes a 3 point major at the Leesburg, VA shows under Canadian judge Mr. Lawrence Stanbridge!  All 3 of the puppies from the Leigh x Face litter are now all major pointed and all from the bred-by exhibitor classes!  We are really proud of these guys!

September 24, 2005

Eric picks up another 2 points under Sandra Goose Allen (just shy of a major) the only day he was entered at the Atlanta, GA shows! He is now up to 5 points and a major.  The following day, our client Basenji picked up his first point!

September 10-11, 2005

10th -
 Rupert takes Winners Dog and Best of Winners for another 2 points under Mr. Howard Yost at the Beaufort, SC shows.  His mother, Leigh, took Best of Breed at the same show and made the cut in the group!  After a long few months out of the ring, Krissy comes back and goes Reserve Winners Bitch.  New client Basenji, Walker (UnderCover Walk The Walk) was Winners Dog as well!
11th - Client Whippets, Riggins (Can CH Surrey Hill HMS Bedfordshire) takes Winners Dog for one point at the Beaufort, SC shows under Mr. Bob Moore and Leigh takes the Breed again!  Scarlet was also Reserve Winners Bitch!  Krissy takes another Reserve Winners Bitch and new client Basenji, Walker takes Breed from the classes!

September 3-5, 2005

 - MiMi takes Best of Breed at her first ASFA trial and get the first leg of her JC!
4th - MiMi takes 3rd the second day at the ASFA trial and gets her JC!
Flare picks up a 3 point major his first time in the ring with owner/handler Shannon Lyons under Lester Mapes.
5th - MiMi takes a 3rd at the AKC trial.
*MiMi ends the weekend with a total of 20 ASFA points and a 1st place.

August 27, 2005

Daisy whelped a litter of 2 beautiful girls, both weighing in at 17 ounces!!!!!  These beautiful girls are sired by Murphy, this is a repeat on the 2002 "Full" Litter.  Both are split faces, one is red brindle/white and the other is black/white.  You can visit this new litter on the New Litters page along with Sweet Pea's and Lilly's puppies!

August 18, 2005

Sweet Pea whelped a litter of 8 (4 boys - 4 girls) beautiful babies sired by Blaze.  See New Litters for pictures.  All are varying shades of brindle/white except for one little fawn/white boy.  Sweet Pea and Blaze also became grandparents this same day, Brooks (out of the 2002 Pea x Blaze litter) sired his first litter out of Kismet's Electric Lady Land "Lilly" - she had 6 big beautiful babies, 4 boys - 2 girls.  Pictures of them will be up as soon as we receive them from Lilly's owner.  You can visit the Brooks x Lilly page at New Litters also!

July 28 & 31, 2005

- Rupert takes Winners Dog under Mr. James White for a 4 point major! at the big Biloxi, MS shows, supported entry.
Dido also took a major Reserve under Mr. White that day.
31st - Sophia take Best In Sweeps!!! under Mr. David Histon and Dido takes another major Reserve and Best Bred By Exhibitor Whippet and then onto a BBE Hound Group 1!  We are very proud of all our kids!

July 22 & 23, 2005

The sire of our 'Peter Gabriel' Litter, Remington, finishes his Canadian Championship at the Sighthound Club of BC with a 5 point major and was Best Bred By Exhibitor!!!  The second day Heidi take a 5 point major Reserve at the Gazehound Club of BC and was Best Puppy.  The Winner Bitch was none other than her aunt (Remington's sister), Goldie!!!

July 10, 2005

Rupert and Dido take another point under Mr. James White!
My Basenji client (Ginger, UnderCover Ginger Snap) owned by Gale Whitehurst and Jerry Hope takes 2 more points by going Winners Bitch/Best of Breed on Saturday and Sunday!  She is now up to 8 singles!  Time for the majors!

July 2, 2005

Brooks placed 15th out of 61 dogs in the JRRWA WRA race meet in Delaware.  He was bridesmade to the bottom WRCh points.
Heidi (Shannon Down Shakin' The Tree) took Winners Bitch-Best of Winners and Best of Breed in Washington for her first point handled by Janis Castle.  She is the second from the litter that is pointed and the second to win breed from the classes.

June 10 - 12, 2005

We traveled to Canton, OH for a very nice weekend, on Friday... Rupert was Winners Dog for a point and his mother Leigh took the Breed, under Mr. Bob Moore.  On Saturday Rupert was Winners Dog again for another point and his aunt Scarlet was Winners Bitch, Best of Winners AND Best of Breed over specials (including her sister) for 2 points under Mr. Bob Berndt and my little Basenji client bitch Ginger (UnderCover Ginger Snap) was Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite for a point.  On Sunday, Rupert was Reserve Winners Dog and Leigh took the Breed under Mrs. Paula Hartinger.  Not a bad weekend!

May 28 - 30, 2005

We had a good weekend the three days we were at the Williamsburg, VA circuit.  On Saturday my client Afghan bitch 'Luna' (Stonhund Bella Luna O Destiney) took Reserve to a 4 point major and my client Basenji bitch 'Ginger' (UnderCover Ginger Snap) took 2 points by going Winners Bitch.  On Sunday our bred-by boy (shown by Shannon Lyons) took Winners Dog for a point and on Monday our girl Leigh (shown by Krystyl Lyons) took Best of Breed and made the cut in a tough Hound Group.  At the races this weekend in Camden, SC our boy Murphy (owned by Kiesha Crawmer and sire to our Bosley) finished his Oval Race Championship (ORC) at the age of 5!!! and finishing 3rd in the meet.

May 21 & 22, 2005

Daisy finished her CRX and Flare finished his CR on the 21st!
On the 22nd Bosley finishes 5th in the NOTRA meet (40 dogs) and takes home another ORC point, now totaling 9 ORC points and 8 Nationals.  Flare also finished his OTR!

May 14 & 15, 2005

Brooks takes Best of Opposite Sex at the Mid-Atlantic Hound Association on Saturday under Mr. Robert Boothe.  Their were several Top 20 Contenders shown, and a National Specialty Winner.  Then Leigh takes Best of Breed at the Mid-Atlantic Hound Association on Sunday under Mr. Joe Gregory, total entry of 53 whippets!  We are very proud of these two littermates.  Leigh's son, Rupert, also won his Bred-by Exhibitor class on Sunday!

May 7 - 8, 2005

We wend oval racing in Florida and Bosley ended the day undefeated and won his first NOTRA meet with 4 ORC and 4 National ORC points!  His father, Murphy, finished second right behind him taking 2 ORC points (only needing 1/4 of a point to complete his Oval Race Championship.  Bosley's brother, Joker, tied fro 3-4 right behind them as a first time entered.  We then did the fun match and Leigh went away with Best Adult Whippet and Best Whippet!  Her brother, Brooks, was second to her!  On Sunday, Bosley did a repeat and finished, again, undefeated and won his second NOTRA meet, taking another 4 ORC and 4 National ORC points!  Murphy unfortunetley had to scratch after the third run due to a pulled muscle but still ended up in the Top 10, and Joker finished 4th!  Not bad for his second NOTRA meet!  Bosley also finished his OTR and Leigh finished her OTR!  Not a bad weekend with two 30 dog meets!

April 30 & May 1, 2005

 - Rupert takes his first point by going Winners Dog and Best of Opposite over a male special from the Bred-By Class -  handled by Shannon Lyons.  And on top of that Anna takes Best Puppy in Texas and a Puppy Group 3rd.  We took Gabriel, Hank and Quizzie to the match at the Lake Waccamaw shows and Gabe took best Whippet puppy and Hound Group 1 and Hank took best Basenji puppy and Hound Group 2 and then Quizzie took best Crested puppy and Toy Group 4 (out of 10 - 12 toy puppies!)
1st - Rupert takes Reserve Winners Dog and Best Bred-by Exhibitor, then he takes a Best Bred-by Exhibitor Hound Group 1!  On another note, the racing note, Bosley WRCH points, Bosley is our first WRCH pointed dog!!!

April 23 & 24, 2005

 - We went to the MARS race meet in GA and took quite a few dogs.  Bosley finished his CR title and we also ran his father, Murphy, who received a WRCH point and placed 6th, Bosley placed 7th to him, just out of the points and litter brother Joker placed 8th... First timed entered, 40 dog meet! It was a good day for Murph, Boz and Jokie!!! On another note, Anna was shown in Texas by owner Glenda Konopka and takes 2 points by going Winners Bitch/Best of Winners and Best of Breed Puppy and on top of that she received a Puppy Group 3 placement, way to go girls!
24th - Joker's second day running and he receives his CR title!!!  Murphy also takes home another 2 WRCH points and finishes in the Top 10, Bosley and Joker also finish in the Top 10, 2 days in a row, 30 dog meet!  Monty also finished his CRX this weekend!

April 16, 2005

Flare received his first leg of his JC!

April 10, 2005

Dido takes a 3 point major (Winners Bitch, Best of Winners) under Mrs. Joyce Geshwiler in Charlotte, NC her first time in the ring.  Sister, Lola, was second to her and brother, Rupert, was Reserve Winners Dog.  Mrs. Geshwiler has now used 3 generations of Shannon Down, she gave their grand-dam a supported entry major, their mother a big breed win and now she has given Dido a major.  We are very proud of all these kids.

March 20, 2005

Anna takes Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed over a special from the puppy classes in Houston, Texas at the Galveston Kennel Club under judge Ms. Sharon Bartosh Kinney.  We are very proud, she is the first pointed in the 'Peter Gabriel' litter.  She was handled to this win by owner/handler Glenda Konopka.

March 19, 2005

Brooks finished his CRX title, he is our second 'homebred' to earn his CRX title.  We are hoping for great things from Brooks.  He is a VERY versatile dog and we are waiting to see how he does as a producer! (See Planned Litters)

March 12, 2005

Sophia takes Best Puppy and Puppy Group 4 in Hilton Head under judge Mrs. Sari Brewster Tietjen.

February 12, 2005

Torin finishes his CRX title, he is our first 'homebred' to earn his CRX title.  We are very proud of him!!!

February 4-6, 2005

Eric's first weekend out he takes a 3 point major and a Reserve to a 5 point major at the Atlanta, GA shows.  Not bad for our new 6 month old!!!

January 30, 2005

Isaac takes a point in Starke, FL and sister Scarlet takes Best Bred-By Exhibitor in breed while their sister Leigh takes the breed (also took the breed the day before) and to end the day Scarlet took Best Bred-By Exhibitor Hound Group 1 with breeder/owner/handler Krystyl Leigh Lyons!!!


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