The Boys - 2.5 weeks

The Girls - 2.5 weeks

Tywin & Oberyn - 3.5 weeks

Nymeria & Kayman - 3.5 weeks

Ricke & Ygritte - 3.5 weeks


The "Game Of Thrones" Litter
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Whelped October 12, 2015


Elektra SDW Talk To The Paw SC, FCh, CRX, OTRM

Shannon Down Flux Vortex

Though this was an accidental litter, it is one we are kind of excited about.  We had not planned on breeding Tsu'tey due to his hearing loss after being so sick as a puppy, but he had other plans.  Tsu'tey's sister "Fanny" (Shannon Down World Spirit) has produced meet winners in Europe and Pickles has already produced some exciting pups.  We expect these puppies to be moderate in size, with Tsu'tey being 20.5 inches and Pickles being a small girl herself at about 18.5 inches.  We also expect them to be VERY keen. Tsu'tey is one of the keenest dogs we have, but due to vestibular syndrome as a puppy (after having been sick for so long) his coordination is not good enough to run in competition.  Pickles and Tsu'tey being some of the sweetest dogs you could ever meet.  Even though it's an accidental litter, we absolutely love this litter and have decided to hold on to three of them right now and grow them out, the other 3 have moved to their new homes. 


Shannon Down Queen Of Thorns

Kayman is living with the Strickfaden Family in NC

Shannon Down The Red Viper CR, OTR

Oberyn is living here at Shannon Down

BIF FC Shannon Down Sand Snakes SC, OTR

Nymeria is living here at Shannon Down

Shannon Down Sapphire Isles

Ricke is living with Sari Salminen in Finland

Shannon Down Kissed By Fire

Nana is living with Hanna-Mari Hartin in Finland

Shannon Down Rains Of Castamere SC, OTR

Tywin is living here at Shannon Down