2 weeks old

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Elijah, Willow & Sprite

Sprite & Willow

Sprite & Willow

Willow & Sprite

Willow & Sprite

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Whelped September 11, 2014

FC Shannon Down Mad About You SC, CR, OTRM-2

FC Shannon Down Full Throttle V Kismet

These pups surprised us one morning as Helen went into labor early one morning, a few days before her expected due date.  She was sleeping in the living room at the time and the first two pups were born in a cozy cave.  We got her and the babies moved to the whelping box before the rest of them came and they were all perfect and healthy, despite being a little earlier than we expected.  We are enjoying watching these pups grow up, many will be trying out their paws on the coursing field and in other venues when they are old enough.


Shannon Down Sea To Shining Sea

Sprite is living with Jo-An Courtemanche in MA


MBIF Can Ch. SDW Remember The Heroes At Weerob Can FChX

Pauley is living with Wendy Rossetti in Canada


FC Shannon Down Citizen Soldier MC, OTR, PR, TRP

Mercy is living with Mindy Pardini in TX


Shannon Down Have You Forgotten

Willow is living with Marcia Harrington in MA


Shannon Down If I Can Dream FCh

Elijah is living with Jo-An Courtemanche in MA