2 days old

2 days old

3 weeks old

Gherkin at 8 weeks

BeeBee at 8 weeks

Cody at 8 weeks

Shea at 8 weeks

The "Pickled" Litter
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5.5 weeks      9 weeks      12.5 weeks

Whelped September 21, 2013

Elektra SDW Talk To The Paw SC, FCh, CRX, OTRM


2011 NOTRA National Winning,
QuiXand SDW Intentionally Left Blank

This was Pickles first litter and they have been an incredible litter.  Gherkin and Shea are both Best In Field winners.  BeeBee and Cody have both won race meets in Europe, both are class winners and Cody has won dock diving competitions, setting a record his second time jumping.


BIF FC Shannon Down Sweet Gherkin

Gherkin is living here at Shannon Down

MBIF FC Shannon Down Half Sour
SC, LCM-2, CRX-3, OTRM-2

Shea is living with Laurie Keyser in OH

Landesrennseiger Rheinland 2015,
2015 Golden Hare Winner & 2016 Blue Ribbon Winner,

Shannon Down Bread & Butter At Xcaliber

BeeBee is living with Claude Chr Haarmann in Germany


VDH Bundesrennsieger 2016, DWZRV Deutscher Derby-Seiger 2016,
DWZRV Landesrennsieger 2016, Int. KSM (Ch.) 2015,
EU Dock Diving Ch. 2015, DE Dock Diving Ch. 2015,

Shannon Down Spicy Kimchi

Cody is living with Gina Friesicke in Germany