1 week old

2 weeks old

Puppies at 8.5 weeks

Puppies at 8.5 weeks

Puppies at 8.5 weeks

Puppies at 8.5 weeks

The boys at 5 weeks

The girls at 5 weeks

Puppies at 5 weeks

Puppies at 5 weeks

The puppies at 2 weeks

The puppies at 1 week

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The "Dance" Litter
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Whelped August 7, 2012

SDW Kismet Turn The Beat Around CR, OTR

QuiXand SDW All The Right Moves WRChX-2, SORC-3

This is Sookie's first litter and Ryan's second and we are very pleased to present 6 puppies from this combination. Godric has already finished his ORC and is well on his way to his WRCh title.  Adele and Kenya are racing in Europe and Dany and Lorena may get out to try some coursing and/or racing in the future.

Ryan is Myostatin Deficiency N/B (Carrier)
Sookie is Myostatin Deficiency N/N (Normal)


SDW Cha Cha Slide At Timbreblue

Lorena is living with Allyson Ford in TN

Shannon Down Jitterbug Stroll

Adele is living with Carmen Gazzola in Italy

Shannon Down Cupid Shuffle

Kenya is living with Emanuela Buono in Italy

SDW Do The Hustle At Fantasia

Dany is living with Kassandra White and her family in SC

Shannon Down Boogie Woogie

Anubis is living with Sali Peterson in VA

Shannon Down Teach Me How To Dougie

Godric is living here at Shannon Down