The "Twilight" Litter
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Newborns     5 weeks     8 weeks

Whelped October 30, 2010
7 puppies - 4 boys, 3 girls

Bred by Claudine Hamilton  ::  Dreamwindz Whippets

WildAbout Dreamwindz

Can Ch. Shannon Down Stop & Stare

Tuli whelped 7 beautiful puppies (3 girls and 4 boys) on October 30, 2010.  Though Tuli is not our girl, nor did we breed her or breed this litter, the sire of this litter is from our Leigh x Hudson litter and I would like to display these puppies here for others to see our 'extended family'.


Dreamwindz Eclipse

Alice is living with Claudine Hamilton in Canada

Dreamwindz Second Life

Bree is living with Jeff Ruff in Canada

Dreamwindz Midnight Sun

Ruari is living with Jacqueline & John Sheridan in Canada

Dreamwindz Phoenix

Avro is living with Mark & Heather Hanlon in Canada

Dreamwindz Immortal Child

Tilt is living with Kevin & Kim Cote in Canada

Dreamwindz Expresso GardenCafe

Xpresso is living with Celyne Robinson & Jonathan Bordeleau in Canada

Dreamwindz Dark Gift

Devo is living with Kayla Court in Canada