1 day old with Lola

5 days old

6 days old

12 days old

14 days old

Some at 2.5 weeks old

Some at 2.5 weeks old

3.5 weeks old

4 weeks old with Lola

Laffy & Lola, 4 weeks old

Laffy & Manny, 7.5 weeks old

The "Eye" Litter
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Newborns     4.5 weeks     6.5 weeks     7.5 weeks

Whelped November 10, 2010

Co-bred with Claudine Hamilton  ::  Dreamwindz Whippets

BIF Can Ch. Shannon Down Angel Eyes V Lifelong
JC, CR, OTR, NC, Can FCh, VSR-2, JSR-2

Can Ch. Joska Forgetmenot Idealist

This is a long awaited litter that all involved are very excited about.  Though we are co-breeding this litter, it was whelped at Dreamwindz Whippets in Canada.   Lola whelped 7 beautiful babies on November 10, 2010 in colors of cream, brindle/white and fawn/white.  We look forward to watching these puppies mature.  Already a few have done great in the show ring.

Fergus is CERF - Normal, BAER - Normal & Cardiac - Normal
Lola is CERF - Normal & Cardiac - Normal


Shannon Down Eye Of The Storm CR, OTRM

Lafayette is here at Shannon Down

SDW Dreamwindz Eyedoll

Jaylo is living with Karen LeJeune in Canada

SDW Dreamwindz Eyevory

Darwin is living with Kailey Knutson in Alberta, Canada

BPIG Can Ch. Dreamwindz Eye Run Man

Manny is living with Claudine Hamilton in Canada

SDW Dreamwindz Eye Den TT

Odie is living with Colleen Piller in Canada

SDW Dreamwindz Eyecream

Niamh is living with Jacqueline & John Sheridan in Canada

SDW Dreamwindz Eyewitness

Sonja is living with Terry & Trish Ingalls in Alberta, Canada