Newborn puppies

Helen with her newborn puppies

Puppies at 1 week with Helen

Puppies at 3 weeks

Wilson at 3 weeks

Mollie at 3 weeks

Adalyn at 3 weeks

Mollie & Riot at 4 weeks

Colbie & Wilson at 4 weeks

Adalyn at 4 weeks

Mollie at 4 weeks with Helen

The "Heart" Litter
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Whelped February 17, 2010

FC Shannon Down Mad About You SC, CR, OTRM-2

DC SDW Lifelong's About Face! MC, FCh, CRX, OTRM-4

Though this was an accidental litter, it produced 5 beautiful puppies.  They are growing up beautifully and two of the girls are lure coursing and occasionally racing and one of them may try her paws out in the show ring. 


Shannon Down Stole My Heart MC

Mollie is living with Trina Woody in WA

Shannon Down Eat Your Heart Out SC, CR, OTR

Colbie is living with Whittney McCurry in TN

Shannon Down Heartthrob

Wilson is living with Lynn Purdy in VA

Shannon Down Sweetheart

Adalyn is living with Bob Glasser in NY

Shannon Down Where The Heart Is SC, FCh, OTR

Riot is living with Whittney McCurry in TN