Newborns with Winnie

9 days old with Winnie

Spider at 4 months

Gator at 4 months

Ludo & Makenna at 4 months

Ludo & Makenna at 4 months

Ludo & Makenna at 4 months

Makenna & Ludo at 4 months

Spider & Gator at 4 months

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Newborns     9 days     2 weeks     3.5 weeks
4.5 weeks     6 weeks     8.5 weeks

Whelped November 6, 2009

Co-bred with Kiesha Crawmer  ::  Kismet Sighthounds

BIF FC Windyglen Winning Colors SC, FCh, CRX-3, ORC

FC Windyglen Tiggers Have Springs SC, WRCh, ORC

Winnie whelped 6 beautiful babies on November 6th.  These beautiful kids are all doing wonderful in their homes, mostly they are retired now and very much loved by their owners.

Tigger is Myostatin Deficiency N/N (Normal)
Winnie is OFA Cardiac - Normal, CERF - Normal & Myostatin Deficiency N/N (Normal)

All puppies are Myostatin Deficiency N/N (Normal) by default


BIE FC SDW Kismet Hall Of Fame SC, LCM, CR, OTR

Gator is living with David Duncan in TN

SDW Kismet Walk Of Fame

Ludovic is living with Deborah Nieborg in Holland

SDW Kismet Key To Fame At Foxford CRX, OTRM

Carlton is living with Joanne Stewart in SC

SDW Kismet Claim To Fame

Makenna is living with Sjannet Drenth in Holland

SDW Kismet Fame & Glory

Spider is living with Dee Shannon in OK

SDW Kismet Fame & Fortune CR, OTRM

Demetri is living with Deborah Nieborg in Holland