4 days before whelping

Newborns with Anna

9 days old with Anna

2 weeks old

3 weeks old

4 weeks old

The "Dangerous" Litter
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Whelped October 14, 2009

Co-bred with Glenda Konopka  ::  Annadar Whippets

FC Shannon Down In Your Eyes MC, FCh, OTR

FC Windyglen Tiggers Have Springs SC, WRCh, ORC

Anna whelped 13 beautiful babies on October 14th, but we lost one little boy when they were born.  We lost 5 more puppies over the next few days, they were born very premature and did not thrive.   Tigger managed to breed Anna on her 10th day in season because he was sneaking around outside and when we had her ultrasounded on September 24th, they counted 13 puppies 3 different times.  This litter produced some very sweet, smart and athletic pups.

Tigger is Myostatin Deficiency N/N (Normal)
Anna is CERF - Normal, BAER - Normal & Cardiac - Normal


SDW Annadar Danger In The Dark

Belle is living with Jonathan Coons in NC

SDW Annadar Dangerous Thoughts SC, FCh, CR, OTR

Quintessa is living with Beth English in TN

SDW Annadar Dangerously Beautiful

Emma is living with Dawn Coryell in GA

SDW Annadar Dangerous Liaisons

Marius is living with Liz Littlejohn in CA

SDW Annadar Dangerously Fast

Logan is living with Alana McCarthy in MA

SDW Annadar She's Too Dangerous

Olive is living with Glenda Konopka in TX

SDW Annadar Dangerous Mind

Sophie is living with Danny Blanton in SC