The "Opportunity" Litter
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Whelped February 16, 2008
5 puppies - 2 boys, 3 girls

Bred by
Janis Castle (Camelot) & Susan Vernon (Summit)

Shannon Down Shakin' The Tree

Zafara Rainbow Connection (major pointed)

This litter was bred by Janis and Sue and produced a beautiful litter.  Heidi was from our Sweet Pea x Remington litter and passed away after an accident.  But her kids are here to remind us of Heidi every day.  One of them has already finished his Championship with 2 others pointed towards theirs.


Summit Manifest Destiny Of Camelot

Monroe is owned by his breeders

Camelot Golden Opportunity Of Summit

Tina is living in a companion home

Camelot Summit Opportunity Knocks

Winston is owned by his breeders

Camelot Summit Serendipity

Sara is owned by her breeders

Ch. Camelot Summit Opportune Moment

Porter is owned by his breeders