A week and a half before whelping

A week before whelping


3 weeks old

3 weeks old

Novalee & Nora, 3 weeks

Nathan & Nora, 3 weeks

Nathan & Novalee

The "N" Litter
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Whelped November 28, 2008

Co-bred with Gale Whitehurst (UnderCover), Tad Brooks (Meisterhaus) & Susan Schroeder (Legend)

Ch. UnderCover Bella The Ball

Ch. AB Take It To The Bank

I know this isn't a Whippet litter, but this litter was co-bred and whelped by Krystyl Lyons of Shannon Down.  This was Teller's first litter and he is a stunning dog who has an incredible record in Canada and America.   Three of the five puppies finished their Championships and one went on to finish her Grand Championship!!!

Belle & Teller are both tested clear for Faconi


Ch. UnderCover Noonday Sun At SDW JC

Novalee is living with The Powells

UnderCover New Moon Rising At SDW

Nathan was living here at Shannon Down, in August 2010 he went missing from the yard and there have been no sightings.

GCh. UnderCover Meisterhaus Nadia By AB

Nadia is owned by Gale Whitehurst, Connie Camp & Olivia Rosener

Ch. UnderCover Escapade Nellybelle By AB

Nelly is owned by Gale Whitehurst, Susan Schroeder, & Megan Rosener

UnderCover Legend Of Nora Roberts

Nora is living with Mrs. Biggins