The "Mr. Prospector" Litter
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Newborns     5 days     2 weeks     5.5 weeks
9.5 weeks     11.5 weeks

Whelped June 19, 2007

Co-bred with Kiesha Crawmer  ::  Kismet Sighthounds

BIF FC Windyglen Winning Colors SC, FCh, CRX-3, ORC

FC Shannon Down Full Throttle V Kismet

The puppies from this litter have been amazing, all of them were in performance homes and all of them have a title in either coursing, racing or flyball.  For the most part they are all retired now and are doing wonderful.

Bosley is OFA Cardiac - Normal, CERF - Normal, BAER - Normal & Myostatin Deficiency N/N (Normal)
Winnie is OFA Cardiac - Normal, CERF - Normal & Myostatin Deficiency N/N (Normal)
All puppies are Myostatin Deficiency N/N (Normal) by default


SDW Kismet Ravinella TF-2

Ravin is living with Jen Wessling in NV

SDW Kismet Classic Crown TF-3

Tower is living with Katy Kaylor in NV

SDW Kismet Smart Strike At Foxford JC, CRX-3, ORC

Striker is living with Heather & Joe Morais in GA

BIF FC SDW Kismet Can You Dig It? SC, LCM

Layla is living with Steve & Kay VanVoorhees in PA

MBIF/BIE FC SDW Kismet Golden Colors SC, LCM-2

Mya is living with Steve & Kay VanVoorhees in PA

SDW Kismet Prospectors Delite SC, OTR

Delite is living with Jason Cohen in VA