Bandit at 1 week

Grace at 1 week

Ripper at 1 week

Tinsley at 1 week

Ripper at 1 week

Dave at 1 week

Dice at 1 week

Dave at 1 week

Aesa at 1 week

Puppies at 1 week

Newborn puppies

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Whelped May 29, 2007

Wheatland Raku ORC

FC Shannon Down Full Throttle V Kismet

Many thanks to Kim Otero and Mark Okuno for leasing Raku to us.  We are very pleased with these kids.  There is one Oval Race Champion in the litter and two others pointed towards their ORC's.  There is also an AKC & ASFA Field Champion and one who is WRCh pointed and two who are pointed towards their ASFA Field Championships.

Bosley is OFA Cardiac - Normal, CERF - Normal, BAER - Normal & Myostatin Deficiency N/N (Normal)
Raku is OFA Cardiac Echo, CERF - Normal & Normal & Myostatin Deficiency N/N (Normal)
All puppies are Myostatin Deficiency N/N (Normal) by default


SDW Tripping Billies V Whirlwind

Dice is living with Stef Connerton in NJ

Shannon Down Dancing Nancies CRX, OTRM-2, CGC

Aesa is living with Jim Touhey in FL

Shannon Down Break Free

Bandit is living with Mia Wallace in IN


Shannon Down Dream Girl JC, TF

Grace is living with Doreen Reese in TX


Shannon Down Jimi Thing

Ripper is living with Rebecca Britten in Canada


FC Shannon Down Cinnamon Girl SC, FCh, CRX-3, ORC

Tinsley is living with Vicky & Dana Piscitelli in NJ


Shannon Down Can't Stop JC, CRX, OTR

Dave is living with Sarah New in IN