Spencer at 11.5 weeks

Mercury at 11.5 weeks

Wallace at 11.5 week

Elle at 11.5 weeks

Francois at 11.5 weeks

Tommy at 11.5 weeks

Gali with newborn puppies

The "Surprise" Litter
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Whelped June 18, 2007

Shannon Down The Speed Of Light JC, CR, OTRM

Burnt Sienna Midsummer Dream SC, OTR

And what a surprise it was!  This was an accidental breeding, Quincy jumped a fence to get to Gali and was tied within seconds - their tie only lasted a few seconds as well but Gali blessed us with 7 little babies!  She whelped 4 naturally before we had to take her in for a cesarean to deliver the last 3.  When they opened her up half her uterus had lost it's blood supply, so instead of taking a risk of leaving her intact and possibly developing pyometra, we had her spayed.  She recovered incredibly well and was the perfect mother and even though it wasn't planned, the puppies have impressed.  There is a Polish Champion, working on his International Championship.  There is also an ASFA FCh who finished in the ASFA Top 20 (2010). 


Shannon Down Surprise Of My Life SC, FCh

Spencer is living with Dawn Hill in GA

Shannon Down What A Surprise

Tommy is living with Ellen Kratzer in CO

Shannon Down The Big Surprise

Wallace is living with Amanda Heck in NM


Shannon Down Evil Surprise

Francois was living with Deborah Nieborg in Holland
Tragically, he passed away on August 21, 2009 in an accident


Polish Ch. Shannon Down Element Of Surprise

Elle is living with Janina & Angelika
Wójcik in Poland


Shannon Down Shanghai Surprise

Barkley is living with Brian & Andrea Sonnier in FL


Shannon Down Taken By Surprise

Mercury is living with Nelly Musso in IL