Peter, Van & Trick - 6 weeks

Peter - 6 weeks

Peter - 6 weeks

Peter - 6 weeks

Van - 6 weeks

Riley - 6 weeks

Trick - 6 weeks

Peter - 7 weeks

Levi & Peter - 7 weeks

Puppy pile - 7 weeks

Van & Magic - 7 weeks

Illu - 7 weeks

Blaine - 7 weeks

Sydney - 7 weeks

The "Magic" Litter
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Whelped November 5, 2006

Ch. Shannon Down Blazing Angel SC, CR, OTR

Ch. Tivio N Windigo In Like Flynn

We were very surprised when Leigh gave us a litter of 9, having only had 3 in her previous litter.  Several of these kids are out and about either showing, coursing, racing and one that competed in Rally and Agility.  There are two that are pointed towards their Championships, one of which only needs a major to finish and 3 from this litter are pointed towards their AKC Field Championships, one who only needs a few singles to finish his Field Championship.  

Flynn is CERF - Normal 
Leigh is OFA Cardiac Echo - Normal, CERF - Normal & BAER - Normal


Shannon Down Mind Control

Blaine was living with Lisa Kyzer in VA
Sadly Blaine passed away in September 2014 after he accidently got out of an open gate and was hit by a car.

Shannon Down Art Of Deception JC

Sydney is living with Beth Partington in LA

Shannon Down Levitation

Levi is living with David & Becky Tuteral in VA


Shannon Down Vanishing Act SC, FCh, CR, OTR

Van is living with Whittney McCurry in TN


Shannon Down Black Magic Woman

Magic is living with Walter & Jewel Blackwell in NC


Shannon Down Sleight Of Hand

Riley is living with Jason Helrigle in SC


Shannon Down Optical Illusion

Illu is living with David & Becky Tuteral in VA


Shannon Down Into Thin Air

Peter is living with Chris NiBlock in KY


Shannon Down Pick A Card
SC, FCh, CRX, PR-2, OTRM-2

Trick is living with Janea Castricone in FL