Gali - 8 weeks

Ticket - 8 weeks

The "Speed" Litter
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Whelped August 27, 2005

BIF Shannon Down Talkn To The Moon MC, FCh, CRX, OTR

FC CuRas A Clockwork Orange SC, FCh, SR, CRX-3, ORC

Kiesha leased Daisy from us to breed to Murphy, and we loved that litter so much that we decided to repeat it ourselves and got two beautiful little girls!  Gali had a neck injury as a puppy so she didn't do any coursing past her JC, she loves to race however because there is less turning involved.  Ticket has done some running up in Canada and hopefully she'll have a Can FCh to add to her name eventually.  

Murphy is OFA Cardiac - Normal, CERF - Normal & BAER - Normal
Daisy is CERF - Normal


Shannon Down The Need For Speed NC

Ticket is living with Sally Forseth in Canada


Shannon Down The Speed Of Light JC, CR, OTRM

Galileo is living with Anita Gersch in SC