Best In Field & Multiple NOTRA Meet Winning,

Sire : Galeforce Tilt O' Whirl FCh, RCh, SORC
Dam : Windyglen Once In A Blue Moon

Whelped April 4, 2004
Bred by Don & Sally Papin
Owned by Shannon & Krystyl Lyons & Kiesha Crawmer

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We proudly co-own Winnie with Kiesha, Winnie spent much of her time here at Shannon Down when she was coursing and racing but she has now retired to live here at Shannon Down permanently.  She is a two time NOTRA Meet Winner as well as having a Best In Field win to her list of accomplishments.  She is also WRCh, NORC & LCM pointed and completed her AKC Field Championship title in 2007 by winning the Open Stake at the AKC Lure Coursing National!  She has produced litters by Bosley, Tigger, Rhythm and Byelobog.  Winnie has produced some incredible children with wonderful temperaments and they are speedy little things.  Winnie may still occasionally hit the race track for some fun, but for the most part she is retired and living as one of many Shannon Down couch potatoes. 
Dam Of
bullet SDW Kismet Smart Strike At Foxord JC, CRX-2, ORC
bullet SDW Kismet Prospectors Delite SC, OTR
bullet MBIF/BIE FC SDW Kismet Golden Colors SC, LCM-2
bullet BIF FC SDW Kismet Can You Dig It? SC, LCM
bullet SDW Kismet Ravinella TF-2
bullet SDW Kismet Classic Crown TF-3
bullet SDW Kismet Fame & Fortune CR, OTRM
bullet BIE FC SDW Kismet Hall Of Fame SC, LCM, CR, OTR
bullet SDW Kismet Key To Fame At Foxford CRX, OTR
bullet SDW Kismet Claim To Fame
   racing in Holland
bullet SDW Kismet Funky Little Beat SC, FCh, OTR
bullet SDW Kismet Beat Street At Wheatland OTR
bullet SDW Kismet The Beat Goes On SC, OTR
bullet SDW Kismet Turn The Beat Around CR, OTR
bullet SDW Kismet Can't Be Beat OTRM, SR
bullet SDW Kismet Just Beat It FCh
bullet SDW Kismet Beat The Clock
   racing in Holland
bullet Shannon Down Hard To Color
   meet winner in Europe
bullet Shannon Down Technicolor SC, FCh, OTR
bullet Shannon Down Color Me Quick
   racing in Europe
bullet MBIF FC Shannon Down Color My World
bullet Shannon Down Color In Line PKD-N, BCAT, ETD, TEAM1
Health & Information
bullet Height : 20 inches
bullet Weight : 30 pounds
bullet CERF : Normal (WP-3049/2007--34)
bullet BAER : Normal (# pending)
bullet Cardiac : Normal (WP-CA241/33F/C-PI)
bullet Myostatin Deficiency DNA - N/N (Normal)
bullet AKC DNA Profile #V424383
bullet ID #230


bullet 1/15/06 : ASFA trial - 2nd for 30 points
bullet 2/18/06 : ASFA trial - 1st for 40 points
bullet 2/19/06 : ASFA trial - 1st for 32 points - new ASFA FCh
bullet 2/25/06 : ASFA trial - 1st for 35 points
bullet 3/5/06 : AKC BOB/BIF and earned 5 point major & JC
bullet 5/27/06 : ASFA trial - 1st & BOB for 24 points
bullet 5/28/06 : ASFA trial - 2nd for 21 points
bullet 7/4/06 : ASFA trial - 1st & BOB for 40 points
bullet 10/28/06 : NOTRA Meet Win, 3 ORC & 3 NORC points
bullet 10/29/06 : NOTRA Meet Win, 3 ORC & 3 NORC points
bullet 11/18/06 : NOTRA meet - 2 ORC points
bullet 11/19/06 : NOTRA meet - 2 ORC/0.5 NORC - new ORC
bullet 1/13/07 : ASFA trial - 2nd for 30 points
bullet 1/27/07 : NOTRA meet - 0.5 NORC point
bullet 3/10/07 : AKC trial - 3 points
bullet 3/11/07 : AKC trial - 3 points
bullet 10/6/07 : AKC trial - 4 point major, new AKC FC
bullet 12/6/08 : WRA meet - 2 WRCh points
bullet 12/27/08 : AKC trial - 2 LCX points
bullet 1/18/09 : ASFA trial - 3rd for 20 points
bullet 4/10/09 : AWC National - 2nd in Race Ch. Class
bullet 10/22/16 : WRA National - 5th in Legends