Sire : Windyglen Waylon RCh, WRCh, ORC
Dam : Appaws Chanitlly Lace

Whelped October 3, 2005
Bred by Genny Holland
Owned by Shannon & Krystyl Lyons & Kiesha Crawmer
Living with Sue Granzen

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Like Winnie & Murphy, we co-own Viva with Kiesha Crawmer.  She spent much of her time with us while we were lure coursing and racing her and she has now settled permanently here with us.  Her very first AKC Lure Coursing trial she won a 5 point major and finished her Field Championship with two more 5 point majors, she finished 2007 as AKC Lure Coursing's #10 Whippet.  Viva finished her ORC on March 21, 2009 and she is pointed towards her WRCh.  Viva whelped her first and so far only litter by our "Ryan" in 2011 and the kids are showing great promise.

We had a wonderful home contact us looking for a Whippet around 8 years old, we hadn't thought about letting Viva go until then.  She was the right age and we knew that she would adapt well to a new home and wouldn't be to stressed out and that she would be perfect for them and their Whippet girl who was mourning the loss of her Greyhound buddy.  So Viva is living in New Jersey with Sue Granzen now and though we miss her very much, she was needed more elsewhere.

Dam Of
bullet SDW Kismet Make A Move SC, FCh, CRX, OTRM
bullet SDW Kismet Bust A Move
   racing in Holland
bullet SDW Kismet Move Over Boys
   racing in Holland
bullet SDW Kismet Smart Move
   racing in Holland
bullet Shannon Down Can You Imagine? JC, WRCh, SORC
bullet SDW Imagine All The Vivid Moves CGC, CRX
bullet MBIF FC SDW Lennon's Right Imagination SC, CR, OTR
bullet Shannon Down Imagine Badr Hari
   racing in Holland
bullet Shannon Down Imagine That
   meet winner in Holland

bullet 10/28/06 : earned CR title
bullet 1/1/07 : ASFA trial - 3rd for 20 points
bullet 1/13/07 : ASFA trial - 3rd for 18 points
bullet 1/28/07 : earned OTR title
bullet 3/4/07 : AKC trial - 1st for a 5 point major
bullet 4/15/07 : earned 0.33 ORC point
bullet 4/22/07 : earned CRX title
bullet 5/6/07 : earned OTRM title
bullet 5/28/07 : AKC trial - 1st & BOB for a 5 point major
bullet 6/16/07 : AKC trial - BOB & 5 point major, new FC & SC
bullet 10/7/07 : AKC trial - 5 LCX points
bullet 11/18/07 : earned 0.67 ORC point
bullet 12/31/07 : ASFA trial - 2nd for 15 points
bullet 1/19/08 : ASFA trial - 2nd for 15 points
bullet 11/23/08 : earned 5 ORC points
bullet 12/7/08 : earned 1 WRCh point
bullet 1/18/09 : ASFA trial - 4th for 10 points
bullet 1/31/09 : earned 1 ORC point
bullet 2/1/09 : earned 4 ORC points
bullet 2/21/09 : earned OTRM-2 title
bullet 2/22/09 : earned 2 ORC points
bullet 3/14/09 : ASFA trial - 1st & BOB for 40 points, new ASFA FCh
bullet 3/21/09 : earned 3 ORC points, earned ORC title
bullet 10/3/09 : earned CRX-2 title
bullet 7/5/10 : placed 4th in JRRWA Versatility
bullet 1/15/11 : ASFA trial - 3rd for 20 points
bullet 2/20/11 : NOTRA meet - 3rd out of 41 dogs, 0.5 Nat'l point
bullet 9/11/11 : WRA meet - 6th for 1 WRCh point, earned CRX-3 title
bullet 10/1/11 : WRA National - 33rd in 106 dog meet! High Score FCh
bullet 3/24/12 : earned CRX-4 title
Health & Information
bullet Height : 20.5 inches
bullet Weight : 34 pounds
bullet BAER : Normal (WP-BR235/8F-PI)
bullet Cardiac : Normal (# pending)
bullet Myostatin Deficiency DNA - N/N (Normal)
bullet AKC DNA Profile #V440424
bullet www.whippethealth.org ID #269