Sire :  QuiXand SDW Intentionally Left Blank
Dam :
MBIF FC Appaws ImagiNation Of Shannon Down

Whelped March 29, 2011
Bred & Owned by Shannon & Krystyl Lyons

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Tsu'tey (pronounced Sue-Tay) stole our hearts.  Tsu'tey became sick when he was about 7 weeks old, as we came to find out it was probably a virus that is referred to as the 'dog show crud' and he nearly lost his life because of it.  He was on sub-q fluids for over a week and would not eat or drink anything on his own (he was force fed), he ended up having a massive seizure about a week after becoming sick, he finally started to make a turn for the better about 10 days after he stopped eating and drinking.  He recovered and we thought he was over his rough start in life and then he woke up one morning and he had vestibular syndrome.  It was in one ear and then several months later he got it in the other ear.  We came to find out during all of this that he was also deaf.  He certainly is a special little man, Krystyl's little boy, he is smart as a whip but it certainly is different living with a dog like him, but oh so fun.  Once he was able to keep his attention on Krystyl for more than 2 seconds, he learned to sit and down quickly.  He's a spoiled rotten little pup, but he's very special to everyone and you can't help but love him when you meet him. 
Sire Of
bullet BIF FC Shannon Down Sand Snakes SC, OTR
bullet Shannon Down The Red Viper CR, OTR
bullet Shannon Down Rains Of Castamere SC, OTR
bullet Shannon Down Sapphire Isles
   will be racing in Finland
bullet Shannon Down Kissed By Fire
   will be racing in Finland
bullet 3/24/12 : WRA Meet - 4th in puppy meet
bullet 3/25/12 : WRA Meet - 3rd in puppy meet
bullet 4/28/12 : WRA Meet - 4th in puppy meet
bullet 4/29/12 : WRA Meet - 4th in puppy meet
Health & Information
bullet Height : 20 inches
bullet Weight : 30 pounds
bullet Myostatin Deficiency DNA - N/N (Normal)
bullet ID #