NOTRA Meet Winning,

Sire : Galeforce Tilt O'Whirl FCh, RCh, SORC
Dam : Ringdove Tapestry CRX, RCh

Whelped October 14, 1999
Passed July 27, 2015
Bred by Catherine O'Brien
Owned by Shannon & Krystyl Lyons & Kiesha Crawmer

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Murphy originally came to Kiesha Crawmer, imported from Canada thanks to Penny Wilmot and Catherine O'Brien.  Kiesha leased our girl Daisy to breed to Murphy and ever since we have been involved in Murphy's life!  We often took him to race meets and lure coursing trials and we helped finished some of his titles, including his ORC and FC titles.  While Murphy lived with Kiesha he produced 2 beautiful litters and then 3 puppies for us... so Murphy has been a big part of our lives and retired here at Shannon Down.  As a younger fella, Murphy distinguished himself in extremely tough competition at the WRA/NOTRA Nationals in 2003.  He placed 10th at the NOTRA National earning 1/4 ORC point and then placed 26th at the WRA National the following day.  He was over half way to his WRCh, pointed towards his RCh and LCM pointed!  Murphy almost made it to his 16th birthday, we let him go as his mind was failing him, though physically he was doing great (other than some iffy teeth), he never had a lump on him or a sick day that we can remember.  We decided to let him pass on July 27, 2015 as his dementia was getting worse. 
Sire Of
bullet NOTRA Meet Winning,
FC Shannon Down Full Throttle V Kismet
bullet BIF FC Kismet's Full House SC, FCh, CRX, OTR
bullet Kismet's Full Speed Ahead SC, FCh, CR, OTR
bullet Kismet's Full Moon Fever SC
bullet Shannon Down The Speed Of Light JC, CR, OTRM
bullet BIF Shannon Down Luck O' The Irish, FChX, OTR
bullet FC Kismet's Purple Haze MC, FCh, VFCh, CRX-2, OTRM-2, RA, CD, JJ-R, CGC

Accomplishments 2003-2006

bullet 9/13/03 : WRA meet - 3 WRCh points
bullet 2/8/04 : WRA meet - 4 WRCh points
bullet 2/28/04 : WRA meet - 1 WRCh point
bullet 1/16/05 : ASFA trial - 4th for 10 points
bullet 4/23/05 : WRA meet - 1 WRCh point
bullet 4/24/05 : WRA meet - 2 WRCh points
bullet 5/1/05 : WRA meet - 0.667 WRCh point
bullet 5/7/05 : NOTRA meet - 2 ORC points
bullet 5/30/05 : finished ORC title!
bullet 10/29/05 : AKC trial - 2 points
bullet 2/25/06 : ASFA trial - 1st for 40 points
bullet 3/4/06 : AKC trial - 2 points
bullet 4/22/06 : ASFA trial - 1st for 40 points
bullet 4/23/06 : ASFA trial - 4th for 10 points - new ASFA FCh
bullet 5/6/06 : ASFA trial - 4th for 9 points
Health & Information
bullet Height : 20.75 inches
bullet Weight : 30 pounds
bullet CERF : Normal (WP-2336/2003)
bullet BAER : Normal (WP-BR232/80M-PI)
bullet Cardiac : Normal (WP-CA27/49M/C-PI)
bullet AKC DNA Profile #V295991
bullet ID #250
bullet Murphy is neutered

Accomplishments 2007-2011

bullet 5/5/07 : AKC trial - 1 point from Veterans Stake
bullet 7/21/07 : AKC trial - BOB, 5 point major from Vet stake
bullet 8/11/07 : AKC trial - 1 point from Veterans Stake
bullet 8/12/07 : AKC trial - 1 point from Veterans Stake
bullet 10/20/07 : AKC trial - BOB, 5 point major from Veterans Stake & earned AKC FC
bullet 8/23/08 : AKC trial - 1 LCX point from Veterans Stake
bullet 10/2/09 : WRA/NOTRA National Match - won 7-9 Vets
bullet 10/3/09 : WRA National - 2nd in Senior Run
bullet 9/30/11 : WRA/NOTRA National Match - 3rd in 10-12 Vets
bullet 10/1/11 : WRA National - 2nd in Legends Run
bullet 10/2/11 : NOTRA National - 1st in Legends Run