Best In Field Winning,

Sire : HH Clairvoyant Guille JC, FCh
Dam : Clairvoyant Dragon Rocket

Whelped August 23, 2000
Passed on February 11, 2012
Bred by Chris Baker
Owned by Shannon & Krystyl Lyons
Was living with Anita Gersch

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Daisy was our first black and white, she produced some beautiful puppies.  We kept a son from her first litter, Bosley, who still lives at Shannon Down and has produced some beautiful litters himself and we have two of his daughters here at Shannon Down as well.  So though Daisy is gone now, she still lingers here through her son and grandkids at Shannon Down.  Daisy retired with our wonderful friend Anita Gersch and our boy Kevin, both passed away close together.  She was a wonderful girl with the best temperament, she could never do anything wrong.  We are blessed to have had her, her kids and grandkids.  I have compiled a list of her grandkids below as well. 
Dam Of
bullet MBIF FC Shannon Down Toirneach MC, FCh, CRX-2, OTRM-3
bullet Shannon Down Cliodhna SC, FCh
bullet FC Shannon Down Full Throttle V Kismet
bullet BIF FC Kismet's Full House SC, FCh, CRX, OTR
bullet Kisme'ts Full Speed Ahead SC, FCh, CR, OTR
bullet Kismet's Full Moon Fever SC
bullet Shannon Down The Speed Of Light JC, CR, OTRM
bullet Shannon Down The Need For Speed NC
bullet BIF Shannon Down Luck O' The Irish, Can. FCh
Grand-dam Of
bullet SDW Willowood Moonlight Sonata SC
bullet SDW Willowood Tuxedo Junction CR, OTR
bullet Willowood Chattanooga Choo Choo SC, CR
bullet FC Shannon Down Cinnamon Girl SC, FCh, CRX-3, ORC
bullet Shannon Down Can't Stop JC, CRX, OTR
   ORC/WRCh/ASFA FCh pointed
bullet Shannon Down Dancing Nancies CRX, OTRM-2, CGC
   ASFA FCh and ORC pointed
bullet SDW Kismet Smart Strike At Foxford JC, CRX-3, ORC
   AKC FC/ASFA FCh/WRCh pointed
bullet MBIF/BIE FC SDW Kismet Golden Colors SC, LCM-2
bullet BIF FC SDW Kismet Can You Dig It? SC, LCM
bullet SDW Kismet Prospectors Delite SC, OTR
   AKC FC/ASFA FCh pointed
bullet SDW Kismet Classic Crown TF-3
bullet SDW Kismet Ravinella TF-2
bullet MBIF/BIE FC Tadita Written In The Stars SC, LCM-11
bullet MBIF FC Tadita Forever May You Run SC, LCM-9, CR, ARX
bullet BIF FC Tadita Born To Run SC, LCM-4
bullet FC Tadita Wings Of A Dream SC, LCM, CR, OTR
bullet Tadita Running Down A Dream SC, FCh, CR
bullet MBIF/MBIE FC Resilience High Expectations SC, LCM-2, OTR, TRP, NARX
bullet Resilience High Definition FCh
bullet MBIF Resilience High Altitude SC, FCh, CRX, OTRM
bullet MBIF FC Resilience High Viscosity SC, FCh, CR, OTR, ARX
bullet Resilience High Dollar FCh, OTR
bullet BIF Resilience High Tech SC, FCh, OTR
bullet Resilience High Frequency SC
bullet Shannon Down Surprise Of My Life SC, FCh
bullet Polish Ch. Shannon Down Element Of Surprise
bullet Shannon Down Fully Loaded SC, FCh, CRX-3, OTRM-2
bullet BIF Shannon Down Locked & Loaded SC, FCh, CRX-2, OTRM
bullet BIF Shannon Down Ours Is The Fury PR
bullet Shannon Down Hear Me Roar
   pointed in the show ring
bullet Shannon Down A Taste Of Glory
   pointed towards ASFA FCh
bullet Shannon Down Winter Is Coming
   pointed towards ASFA FCh
bullet Shannon Down Above The Rest
   racing and lure coursing
Health & Information
bullet Height : 21.25 inches
bullet Weight :  30 pounds
bullet CERF : Normal (WP-2043/2002--21)
bullet ID #218
bullet Daisy is spayed


bullet This list is incomplete since I don't have records going back far enough, but we will add to it as we can.
bullet 1/13/02 : ASFA trial - 2nd for 18 points
bullet 2/9/02 : ASFA trial - 2nd for 15 points
bullet 2/10/02 : ASFA trial - 1st, BOB and Best In Field for 40 points
bullet 2/23/02 : ASFA trial - 1st and BOB - earned ASFA Field Championship
bullet 2/9/03 : earned CR title
bullet 3/10/02 : ASFA trial - 2nd for 30 points
bullet 6/9/02 : ASFA trial - 4th for 5 points
bullet 10/20/02 : ASFA trial - 2nd for 30 points
bullet 11/29/02 : ASFA trial - 2nd for 30 points
bullet 12/1/02 : ASFA trial - 3rd for 20 points
bullet 1/12/03 : ASFA trial - 4th for 10 points
bullet 2/23/03 : ASFA trial - 4th for 10 points
bullet 3/23/03 : ASFA trial - 3rd for 18 points
bullet 5/24/03 : ASFA trial - 1st for 40 points
bullet 1/17/04 : ASFA trial - 2nd for 30 points
bullet 2/29/04 : earned OTR title
bullet 5/21/05 : earned CRX title
Great Grand-dam Of
bullet Ch. Stoneledge Annie's Song
bullet Ch. Stoneledge Rocky Mountain High
bullet Ch. Stoneledge Sunshine On My Shoulders
bullet Shannon Down Ball Of Fire WRCh, ORC
bullet Shannon Down Play With Fire
  racing in Europe
bullet Shannon Down Fire Cracker
  racing in Europe
bullet Shannon Down Fire It Up ORC
bullet Shannon Down Rapid Fire
  racing in Europe, meet winner
bullet Prague Expo Dog '14 Larysa Agita