Sire : SBIS, BIS & BIF Ch. Tivio's Chiricahua FCh
Dam : Shannon Down Scarlet Blaze JC

Whelped November 27, 2005
Bred & Owned by Shannon & Krystyl Lyons

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Charlize was a singleton puppy, born on Krystyl's 18th birthday - needless to say, she is spoiled!  Charlize got loose while at the 2006 AWC National in Kansas, she ran through very busy intersections and 8 lane roads but was thankfully caught by the police about 15 minutes later over a mile down the road from the host hotel.  She still had her leash on and I wouldn't want to think of how many close calls she had.  When we took her out of the animal control truck, she was in shock and her eyes were glazed over - had no idea who anyone was or where she was.  She finally 'came to' about 10 minutes later and she started to recognize us.  She suffered no injuries other than some bloody toenails from running on the pavement and a bump on her head from when she ran into a fence when cornered.  She has cooped incredibly well and developed some 'quirks' since then, like being afraid of running vehicles and very loud noises in places she's not familiar with.  She has only been shown a handful of times and probably will not be shown anymore, she's easily distracted by noises.  We finally got her confident enough to race, and she earned her OTR title, but mainly she spends her time following Krystyl around the house and being silly.
Dam Of
bullet BIF Shannon Down Keep On Moving
bullet BIF FC Shannon Down Ours Is The Fury
   SC, FCh, PR-2, TRP, ARX
bullet BIF UKC Ch./Int'l Ch. Shannon Down Hear Me Roar
bullet Shannon Down A Taste Of Glory SC, OTR, PR-2, TRP
bullet MBIF FC Shannon Down Winter Is Coming SC, FCh
bullet Shannon Down Above The Rest OTR
bullet Shannon Down Proud & Free SC
bullet Shannon Down Blood & Fire SC, NARX
Health & Information
bullet Height : 19.5 inches
bullet Weight : 29 pounds
bullet www.whippethealth.org ID #376


bullet 3/21/09 : earned OTR title