Multiple NOTRA Meet Winning,

Sire :  FC CuRas A Clockwork Orange
            SC, FCh, SR, CRX-3, ORC
Dam :
BIF Shannon Down Talkn To The Moon
            MC, FCh, CRX, OTR

Whelped August 27, 2003
Bred by Kiesha Crawmer
Owned by Shannon, Brad & Krystyl Lyons

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Kiesha leased our wonderful girl Daisy, to breed to her boy Murphy - the result was a great litter.  We even felt we needed to repeat it ourselves, which we did.  But we got Bosley from the first litter and we are so happy we did.  He has been an incredible dog for us.  He far exceeded anything we thought possible, he is a 3 time NOTRA Meet Winner, he finished his ORC title in a flash - especially for being a half race/half show bred dog!  He finished his AKC Field Championship with three 5 point majors and is pointed in the show ring.  Bosley finished his WRCh title on March 27, 2010 and we believe he may be the oldest Whippet to finish a race title of any kind having been 7 years and 7 months old when he finished his WRCh.  We are so proud of Boz Man and all he has done.  Bosley has a few litters now and we are so excited with how they are turning out.  They are participating in lure coursing, racing, showing and flyball.  He has 2 ORC titles kids and more that are pointed, a son who is pointed towards his WRCh and several AKC and ASFA Field Champions and Best In Field Winners - and two daughters that are starting to tear up the flyball world!  Bosley finished 2006 in the ASFA Top 20, 2007 as AKC Coursing's #20 Whippet and 2008 as the #17 Whippet!

Sire Of
bullet FC Shannon Down Cinnamon Girl SC, FCh, CRX-3, ORC
bullet Shannon Down Can't Stop JC, CRX, OTR
bullet Shannon Down Dancing Nancies CRX, OTRM-2, CGC
bullet Shannon Down Dream Girl JC, TF
bullet SDW Kismet Smart Strike At Foxford JC, CRX-3, ORC
bullet MBIF/BIE FC SDW Kismet Golden Colors SC, LCM-2
bullet BIF FC SDW Kismet Can You Dig It? SC, LCM
bullet SDW Kismet Prospectors Delite SC, OTR
bullet SDW Kismet Classic Crown TF-3
bullet SDW Kismet Ravinella TF-2
bullet MBIF/BIE FC Tadita Written In The Stars SC, LCM-12
bullet MBIF FC Tadita Forever May You Run SC, LCM-10, CR, ARX
bullet BIF FC Tadita Born To Run SC, LCM-5
bullet FC Tadita Wings Of A Dream SC, LCM, CR, OTR
bullet Tadita Running Down A Dream SC, FCh, CR
bullet MBIF/MBIE FC Resilience High Expectations SC, LCM-3, OTR, TRP, NARX, RATO, FMX
bullet Resilience High Definition FCh
bullet MBIF FC Resilience High Altitude MC, LCM, CRX, OTRM
bullet MBIF FC Resilience High Viscosity SC, FCh, CR, OTR, ARX
bullet Resilience High Dollar FCh, OTR
bullet BIF Resilience High Tech SC, FCh, OTR
bullet Resilience High Frequency SC
bullet Shannon Down Fully Loaded SC, FCh, CRX-43, OTRM-2
bullet BIF FC Shannon Down Locked & Loaded
SC, FCh, CRX-4, OTRM-2
bullet BIF FC Shannon Down Ours Is The Fury
bullet BIF UKC Ch./Int'l Ch. Shannon Down Hear Me Roar
bullet Shannon Down A Taste Of Glory SC, OTR, PR-2, TRP
bullet MBIF FC Shannon Down Winter Is Coming SC, FCh
bullet Shannon Down Above The Rest OTR
bullet Shannon Down Proud & Free SC
bullet Shannon Down Blood & Fire SC, NARX
bullet FC Shannon Down Citizen Soldier MC, OTR, PR, TRP
bullet Shannon Down If I Can Dream FCh
bullet Shannon Down Sea To Shining Sea
   ASFA pointed
bullet MBIF Can Ch. SDW Remember The Heroes At Weerob
Can FChX
Accomplishments 2004 - 2005
bullet 11/6/04 : earned JC title
bullet 4/23/05 : earned CR title
bullet 5/7/05 : NOTRA meet - won meet, 4 ORC/4 NORC
bullet 5/8/05 : NOTRA meet - won meet, 4 ORC/4 NORC, earned OTR title
bullet 5/22/05 : NOTRA meet - 1 ORC point
bullet 10/8/05 : NOTRA meet - 2 ORC points
bullet 10/23/05 : NOTRA meet - 2 ORC/NORC points
bullet 10/29/05 : earned CRX title
bullet 11/13/05 : WRA meet - 0.667 WRCh point
bullet 11/26/05 : NOTRA meet - won meet, new ORC title!
Health & Information
bullet Height : 21 inches
bullet Weight : 35 pounds
bullet CERF : Normal (WP-2729/2007--42)
bullet BAER : Normal (WP-BR95/8F-PI)
bullet Cardiac Echo : Normal (# pending)
bullet Myostatin Deficiency DNA - N/N (Normal)
bullet ID #252

Accomplishments 2006 - Present

bullet 1/14/06 : ASFA trial - 2nd for 30 points
bullet 1/22/06 : earned CRX-2 title
bullet 2/18/06 : ASFA trial - 4th for 10 points
bullet 2/19/06 : ASFA trial - 3rd for 16 points
bullet 2/25/06 : ASFA trial - 3rd for 20 points
bullet 3/19/06 : ASFA trial - 2nd for 24 points
bullet 3/25/06 : ASFA trial - 4th for 10 points
bullet 4/22/06 : ASFA trial - 4th for 10 points
bullet 5/6/06 : ASFA trial - 2nd for 30 points
bullet 5/7/06 : ASFA trial - 2nd for 18 points
bullet 5/27/06 : ASFA trial - 4th for 6 points
bullet 5/28/06 : ASFA trial - 1st for 16 points, new ASFA FCh
bullet 7/1/06 : ASFA trial - 1st for 40 points
bullet 7/4/06 : ASFA trial - 3rd for 20 points
bullet 8/19/06 : ASFA trial - 2nd for 30 points
bullet 10/13/06 : WRA/NOTRA National - 2nd in Race Ch.
bullet 10/22/06 : ASFA trial - 3rd for 20 points
bullet 10/28/06 : earned CRX-3 title
bullet 10/29/06 : WRA meet - 2 WRCh points
bullet 11/18/06 : NOTRA meet - 2 NORC points
bullet 11/19/06 : NOTRA meet, won meet, 3 NORC points
bullet 11/25/06 : AKC trial - BOB & 5 point major
bullet 12/2/06 : WRA meet - 2 WRCh points, earned CRX-4
bullet 3/31/07 : WRA meet - 1 WRCh point
bullet 4/6/07 : WRA meet - AWC National - 2nd in Race Ch.
bullet 4/22/07 : WRA meet - 1 WRCh point
bullet 6/1/07 : AKC trial - 5 point major
bullet 8/18/07 : AKC trial - 5 point major, new AKC FC title
bullet 10/13/07 : AKC trial - 3 LCX points
bullet 2/23/08 - AKC trial - BOB & 5 LCX points
bullet 3/8/08 : earned MC title
bullet 6/19/08 : AKC trial - 5 LCX points
bullet 8/24/08 : AKC trial - 2 LCX points
bullet 11/9/08 : earned CRX-5 title
bullet 11/22/08 : WRA meet - 4 WRCh points
bullet 2/21/09 : WRA meet - 0.5 WRCh point
bullet 2/22/09 : WRA meet - 0.5 WRCh point
bullet 3/28/09 : WRA meet - 0.33 WRCh point
bullet 4/10/09 : AWC National - 3rd in Race Ch. class
bullet 6/14/09 : earned CRX-7 title
bullet 3/27/10 : WRA meet - 1 WRCh point, new WRCh title!
bullet 7/5/10 : placed 3rd in JRRWA Versatility
bullet 4/8/11 : placed 3rd in Race Ch. dogs at AWC National Specialty
bullet 10/21/16 : WRA National Match - Best Veteran & BOS in Match
bullet 10/22/16 : WRA National - 3rd in Legends